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You're SNITCHED, me old beauty!

(A Marauder's - era Role-Play ... with the naughty bits left in)

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Welcome to...

Snitched! - a Marauders-era RP

WARNING: This RP will contain adult language and subject matter, therefore it is NOT suitable for children. Seriously. (Or those who giggle when someone says Penis)

Also. This RP has a high content of Politically Incorrect statements and opinions, etc. Please don't get offended, we're just prats.

The story of Snitched!

The year is 1976 1977. Nefarious plots are underway and dark characters roam freely. Tensions are running high, petty violence is rife among the opposing sides, and the battle for the Quidditch Cup is getting dirty.

In such dark and uncertain times, the Marauders have decided that they need a method of communication between themselves, and after much toil and many disagreements and false starts, they have created a means of communicating with each other via their diaries.

Due to various mishaps that will remain for the moment unmentioned, several of these diaries have fallen into the possession of other Hogwarts residents. The Marauders are holding out hope that Filch won’t work out how to operate the one he confiscated.

The history of Snitched!

So, during the summer of 2004 the would-be Snape’s player and James’ player were bored and had been toying around with the idea of starting their own RPG for ages. They went through various stages in deciding what the main plot motivation of the RPG could be. Several squabbles and bitchy remarks about each other's mothers (which is now an ongoing theme in Snitched) later they decided on an MWPP era RPG, as it would mean less plot scheming as everyone dies in the end anyway (Plus, they wouldn’t have to work out how to kill Voldemort, which is always a pain in the arse, especially pre-HBP).

Several close friends were gathered to take part, and deciding on a bigger cast they asked around fandom to see who would be interested. James’ player skimmed the lexicon and picked out several names which seemed like they could be MWPP era, but each player introduced their own flair to their character.

Snitched went on, and many laughs were had until people began to lose interest. James’ player, Sirius’ player, Remus’ player and Peter’s player (who changed several times … who the fuck wants to play Peter anyway?) said ‘cya lol’ and buggered off, and Lily’s player seemed to vanish of the face of the earth leaving Snape’s player to deal with recasting basically all the main characters and dealing with the remaining unmotivated players.

In a drastic attempt to please the players, Snape moved them all to Greatest Journal (LOOK. 2000 ICONS) and introduced a new James, new Remus, new Sirius and a Bellatrix for a whole week (who was later discovered to be the old James trying to be gay in the bad way).

GreatestJournal!Snitched crashed and burned and everyone buggered off to lick their non-existent wounds in Alaska or somewhere slightly more homosexual.

Six months later Filch’s player (who would later be the new Remus) was chatting to both James and Snape’s player and happened to mention it would be awesome to get Snitched back again. James’ player was in the middle of exams and thought it was a perfect excuse to fail every single one of them. Thus the closer members of the Snitched players were recalled (That’d be just those three then). A new Lily (vilyofthelalley), Sirius (istuffmypants) and Peter (wormikins) were introduced, and Snitched: Round Deux was established.

To this day, we only have a Lily, James, Peter, Sirius and Remus as active players. Snape is also active to a degree but due to the fact she’s a convicted pedophile and technically doesn’t exist, she can’t get online all the time, but since she’s one of the creators and a fucking awesome Snape none of see any point in kicking her out.

Occasionally Dumbledore, Filch and Rita are known to show up. Rita (getsnitched) serves the purpose of summing up what’s happening in the game and the watchers (all three of you) are welcome to communicate with the characters. In fact we encourage it. Dumbledore and Filch serve no purpose other than amusement on the players' part (and hopefully yours) :D

Random Facts about the Snitched Players:

  • Only one of them is American (can you guess which one?). The rest hail from Ireland, Scotland and England. Sadly, no Welsh folk. We’re racist like that.

  • All of them are female. (Big shock).

  • Four of them are Fanartists. The rest are pillocks.

  • Most of them were actually drunk during the Gryffindor Christmas Orgy.

  • Remus and Snape’s player are best, best friends in RL.

  • Remus, Snape, James, Peter and Lily’s player had all met in RL before Snitched started. (This makes it slightly easier to guess who’s the American).

  • Peter’s player is youngest. Snape’s is oldest.

  • Originally the RPG was going to be called 1976 because James’ player thought it sounded dramatic.

We're not currently looking for any other players, but should we decide to do so, this section will be updated with guidelines about applying for a character.


"This is Snitched! Always expect Arseage."


IMPORTANT! you cannot become a member of snitched, you are free to click the 'watch' button but under no circumstances do we allow membership. That is reserved for the characters within the game. Thank you.